EXQUISIT. Branding and packaging strategy for gourmet selection of products to be the premium brand of a supermarket

Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA | Gourmet packaging | Tutorised by Enric Aguilera

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THE SPOT. Branding and packaging strategy for take away food, based in a food truck by a skatepark


Our brand emerges from the need to have a food truck by La Marvella skate park, in Barcelona, where skaters, bikers, and rollers spend most of their time from spring to autumn without having a close place to get some food and drinks. The food truck is called THE SPOT, a name they use, in slang, to call any little space where they can skate.


We have designed five different size and shape boxes. Each one has a sentence in a rebbel attitude and a different printed shape of the skate park pavement, so they create a landscape when they are put together. A sticker with the slang name of that shape stands for one type menu box, and a second sticker can be used in your board, bike or helmed. And it all goes into a craft paper bag that can be used to recycle everything when you finish eating.


For our design we use an ecofriendly material such as one side resinated carft cardboard and just black ecofriendly ink in the other side. Everything fits in a 70x100cm board; different size self folding boxes, cup holders, postcards and business cards... making your printing and cuttting more economical.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |

Take away packaging 

Tutorised by Emili Padrós & Ion Elola

Cooworkers: Alba Morote