I am Nuria Torres, a qualified Packaging and Graphic Designer from Barcelona with a passion for Art.


I love anything to do with printing from paper, textures, ink and the entire smell that goes with it. Packaging and branding are my main areas, and where photography and typography always play an important part.


InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator are my main tools but always together with a mind full of ideas and pencil and paper to sketch it out. A visual and creative mind, where aesthetics and functionality are always present, my genuine way of expression becomes graphic. Sensibility and precision are part of my personality and play an essential role in my designs.


A strong sense of touch combined with a visual makes me want to work with any type of craft, focussing my artwork on textures, different types of paper, cardboard or wood. I’m always open to experimenting, recycling, reusing and transforming, to find solutions to little things. Any colour, shape or texture, is enough for inspiration.

As an Artist, watercolour has recently become my main medium, there is something really special about it. And using gouache as well ink has helped me rediscover an old interest in calligraphy, lettering and typography in my design sight.