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BAKER'S CHOCOLATE. Redesign of the branding and packaging to introduce an American brand into Spanish supermarkets


BAKER’S or Walter Baker’s & Co as it was originally called, is a brand of American cocoa to make either hot or baking chocolate. It comes from Massachussets and was founded in 1780. It was originally introduced as a high-quality cocoa with almost medicinal properties and had originally three different types of cocoa, the high class, the lower class and the one for the slaves. Fortunately that changed through the years from being a high-class pleasure represented with a maid serving the hot chocolate to something accessible for everyone at the same level.


The idea behind our design is to represent everyone in the packaging by showing different hands and several types of mugs to make everyone feel included. The top hands show the provinence of the cocoa with the cocoa pods and nibs and the bottom ones show the different hot chocolate mugs in a way that the design can be displayed together forming a connected image. We want to make hot chocolate fun, while keeping the luxury of the ingredient with modern illustrations and bright colours inspired by the the cocoa pods. It is presented in a pouch bag with a closing system and in a cylinder tin with a copper over black illustration for the premium products.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |

Take away packaging 

Tutorised by Francesc Ribot

Coworkers: Blanca Cobos

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