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ÀNIMA D'ANNA ESPELT. Branding and packaging design for white and red wine from Anna Espelt, OD l'Empordà


Anna Espelt comes from l’Empordà, an area on the north coast of Catalunya close to France where there blows a particular north wind called Tramuntana that supposedly turns people mad. She comes from a family legacy of winemakers that has evolved into a female generation. Breaking the rules and countering accepted traditions, she is back to the slopes to cultivate her vineyards, splicing American roots and local species such as ‘Lledoner Blanc & Lledoner Roig’. She believes the synergy between soil, climate, plant and land worker, allows her to create her variety of ‘happy grapes’, producing the first eco wine from the mountains.


Our design represents that purity, beauty, subtilty and elegancy for a set of wines that are delicate, intense and full of personality, discovering the essence layer by layer. Our design is wrapped around the bottle in a white cloth textured paper which makes you curious to turn the bottle. The red features the wind blowing with a crimson colour while the white represents the nature that defines her. A serif capital letter A with different thickness, thicker for a red wine with more body and thinner for a lighter white, represents Anna and ÀNIMA (soul in Catalan), as she puts her soul into her work.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |

Wine packaging

Tutorised by Xavier Bas & Miquel Capo

Coworkers: Trinidad Mosso

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