KEIKEN. Ecopackaging kit design for the japanese ancient art of planting called 'Kokedama'

Meaning experience in Japanese, KEIKEN is a brand created to sell a kokedama making kit in e-commerce. Kokedama is a Japanese technique more than 500 years old, similar to bonsais but consists of creating a natural habitat for a living plant by avoiding a plant pot. Koke means moss and dama means ball so the plant lives in a ball of substrate surrounded by moss.


Our kit would allows for the discovery of this technique by getting a plant from a list and turning it into a kokedama by combining the different substrates, moss, threads and instructions.


To preserve the planet it is offered inside eco-packaging, specifically a reused wooden box from a wine set, inviting you to be creative and reuse it again. Also no plastics are used with everything inside wrapped inside paper bags.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |


Tutorised by Joan Rieradevall

Coworkers: Valentina Reyes


NURIA TORRES - Art & Design

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