DE L'HORTA. Branding and structural packaging for a seasonal citrus juice from Valencian agriculture

Agriculture in Valencia is in danger of disappearing. Cities are absorving most of the rural landscape while fruit patches and land workers are decreasing due to low salaries, pour working conditions and cheap foreing imports. But why would anyone want to buy oranges from China if there is local production just next door?


We want to offer fresh juice that helps to recover the agriculture in the area by reminding people living in the city that they can find local products of far superior quality.

DE L’HORTA as a brand represents the people that used to subsist from agriculture by living close to their plantations. The design derives from the intricut, hand painted tiling and the traditional white coloured walled houses with 30 degree angled roofs made of grass and small windows called Barracas, that are only found in Valencia.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |

Introduction to shapes packaging 

Tutorised by Pau Llavador, Alex Pirard & David Sagarzazu

Coworkers: Sandra Bononad & Jessica Sandoval


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