HOLY FANCY. Packaging design for ecommerce for a recycled backpack design maker

HOLY FANCY, Swiss Design crafted by Talented Brazilians. A fair trade brand that uses sustainable fabrics, each bag is made of 15 recycled PET bottles, 900g of cotton scraps and 5 internal bucklets.

All their products are consciensiously produced, empowering local manpower and using upcycled and vegan materials. Recycling, upcycling and sustainability are their core values with all products free from water, dyes and chemicals as well as being completely carbon neutral.


The triangle represents their ethos, this being a strong base with a clear direction and acts as a reminder of their main goal to prosper by protecting the planet and their people. Respecting and reinforcing these values, we have created a packaging for e-commerce and in-store consisting of a flat surface of microchannel board that folds into itself creating a solid triangular based polygon with no glue needed. Only one colour recycled ink, and recycled paper for their flyers with values, instructions and promotion. Everything comes inclosed with a sticker and we provide another one to seal the box to be reused.


Master in Packaging Design | ELISAVA |

Ecommerce packaging

Tutorised by Carlos Calahorra

Coworkers: Miquel Nadal & Hugo Ribeiro de Matos


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